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Becoming Change Makers: The Exquisite Path to Leadership and Liberation for Women of Color is a transformational guide for women of color that seeks to inspire us to find our way through the unprecedented times we are living in. Following an honest exploration of trauma, loss, and ongoing microaggressions faced by communities of color, Becoming Change Makers offers a path for us to step into creating a new world.  

The themes of the book are healing, relationships, power, and intersectionality, and focuses on helping women of color recognize their own unique potential and power to lead, grow their self-efficacy, and spark transformation within themselves and those around them.

Becoming Change Makers: The Exquisite Path to Leadership and Liberation for Women of Color is available on Amazon and

Thirteen women of color Change Makers share their stories of trials and triumphs in leadership and creating positive social change. We hope the experiences of trauma, healing, self-love, and discovery featured in this book will bolster and inspire you. Our desire is that you amplify your inner voice, learn from these amazing leaders, and create a path for your liberated leadership. 

Becoming Change Makers by
Dr. Dominica McBride

Author in Action 

Learn more about Becoming Change Makers, Dr. Dominica McBride, and BECOME in this power-packed "Ask the Author" segment with WILX Studio 10.

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Dr. Dominica McBride is a leading thinker in the realm of community psychology, community healing, and collective transformation. As a champion of Culturally Responsive Evaluation and a grassroots advocacy strategist, she has dedicated her work to building the capacity of communities to create the reality they desire and deserve.

In 2013, Dr. McBride founded BECOME with the belief that communities should be at the forefront of realizing their visions of thriving communities. Drawing on her experience in program development and evaluation projects in Arizona, the Chicago area, and Tanzania, Africa, she recognizes the power of culturally responsive evaluation as a tool for positive change.

With a background in community psychology, Dr. McBride has made significant contributions as a consultant, program director, adjunct faculty member, and therapist in the field. Her expertise and insights have made her a sought-after speaker and trainer for communities, coalitions, and organizations across the nation. She has also been recognized and honored with a range of awards for her outstanding work, including the Supervisor of the Year Award from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and the Marcia Guttentag Promising New Evaluator Award from the American Evaluation Association.

Dr. McBride holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Consultation from Arizona State University. Aside from her professional accomplishments, she embraces the joy of motherhood and finds fulfillment in witnessing her two remarkable children flourish.


BECOME is a 501(c)3 movement-building and community transformation organization that facilitates grassroots community leadership and co-creates innovative solutions to help communities achieve collective liberation. We collaborate with communities to develop sustainable solutions, expand community capacity to implement those solutions, and create lasting movement toward a shared vision. In this way, we nourish communities affected by poverty and injustice to build on cultural strengths and make their vision for a thriving community a reality. Our ultimate vision is a socially just world characterized by thriving communities, where residents, driven by love and resilience, uplift communal wellbeing, encouraging collective growth.


"Becoming Change Makers" doesn't end with Dr. McBride's story. Highlighting the unique, moving experiences of 13 women of color, the book gives us a firsthand account of their experience--a very human experience--and serves as a mode of activation and inspiration for us to truly become change makers within our communities. Women of color are countlessly told that we are too loud, too unappreciative and too angry when expressing ourselves...when expressing OUR VOICE. This book inspires us all to push past our limits despite being criticized. I highly recommend!”

Shantell Jamison

"As a WOC, reading Becoming Change Makers, was a meaningful experience, and I enjoyed every moment! I especially appreciated hearing the voices of many different WOC from various backgrounds speak candidly about their personal journey. Dr. McBride did a remarkable job demonstrating how we are, and can continue to become, change makers in our own lives and within our communities.

Bilquis Thomas

"I highly recommend reading Becoming Change Makers! It is very well written and engaging. One of my favorite quotes from the book is "healing requires shining a light on the shadows and bringing them into conscious awareness." The way this book was written does just that; both for WOC and all those you read it."

Israil Thomas

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