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On May 5, 2023, I brought the leaders of this book together to create a vision of all that’s possible for us, the organization, and most of the people and communities we serve. Here’s a brief look at the vision.

We envision a transformative reality, liberated from fear, stifledness, and boundedness.

Individuals are born into a vibrant world, teeming with abundant and loving communities, where they are truly free to be their authentic selves. From the very moment of their birth until their final breath, their journey is marked by ceaseless care, wise guidance, and a profound connection to both the natural and spiritual realms.

Every step they take is fueled by the boundless strength, power, and wisdom they inherit. Their lives are characterized by ceaseless exploration, relentless learning, and exponential growth, as they continuously unfurl the vast tapestry of their human and spiritual potential. They cultivate an unwavering sensory awareness that extends to the deepest corners of their being, including the intuitive whispers that guide them towards truth.

The pillars of history, ancestry, and the sheer beauty of the present moment anchor them firmly in their quest for personal and collective liberation. Every aspect of society, be it individuals, media, education, or other institutions, effortlessly uplifts and reinforces this transformative reality. As a result, every soul is liberated to manifest their full brilliance, to radiate love unconditionally, and to navigate life's intricate dance with unwavering authenticity.

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