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Cynthia Alfaro (she/her), a Chicago native, is the youngest daughter of a Polish immigrant mother and a Mexican American father. Her multicultural background fueled her drive for diversity and equity in all fields. While studying leadership and success factors in education and athletics, Cynthia attended Whitney Young Magnet High School and achieved national rankings in competitive tennis.

She earned a master’s in finance and a master’s in human resources from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Between undergrad and grad school, she completed a national volunteerism assignment with Public Allies Chicago, an AmeriCorps program, where she managed programs for community entrepreneurship, parent enrichment, and literacy. 

Cynthia’s experience spans human resources at PepsiCo, the New York City Department of Education, training and school administration, finance, and business operations with Chicago Public Schools. As chief operating officer of My Block My Hood My City, she advanced the organization’s social justice cause. Cynthia now coaches and consults on strategy, leadership, efficiency, and culture for top performance.

In 2013, during a hard life trial, Cynthia started Moms Winning to focus on the “wins” of motherhood. She believes that gratitude can push moms into a better way of living. Cynthia uses her training background to provide community workshops and advice on time management and goal setting for mothers.

Dedicated to service, Cynthia enjoys life with her two daughters and loves maintaining a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise while helping others do the same.

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