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Felicia Davis Blakley (she/her) is a remarkable executive leader with a social conscience. Being a true embodiment of leadership, she leads with radical authenticity, an unwavering passion for her work, and an inspirational vision. A seasoned leader with a proven track record, Felicia has served in various positions in the government, public policy, higher education, and philanthropic sectors, gaining valuable experience and insights that few possess. Through her commitment to inclusive service to others, she has significantly impacted the community and inspired countless others to do the same.

As president and CEO of the Chicago Foundation for Women (CFW), Felicia spearheads strategic efforts to invest in women and girls, transgender, and gender nonbinary individuals as catalysts for change. With an unwavering commitment, she fights for gender equity and building stronger communities for all. Her contributions and hard work have significantly influenced the foundation’s vision and principles, changing the trajectory of its efforts toward a positive and meaningful direction.

Preceding her notable role at CFW, Felicia worked in diverse executive positions in Chicago city government, including serving as inaugural executive director for the Mayor’s Office of Public Engagement, commissioner, and deputy mayor for public safety. Her diverse experiences have shaped her exceptional leadership style, driving her to give back to the community and make a difference in the world.

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