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Nicole Wilson (she/her) is a driven and talented individual currently serving as the data and compliance manager at Urban Labs. She graduated with distinction from Roosevelt University, earning her bachelor of science in business administration. Her passion for better communities led her to pursue a master’s in public policy and management at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy.

Nicole has become an essential part of the Urban Labs team with her deep expertise in nonprofit organizations, program evaluation, program development, staff development, and community outreach. Her dedication, work ethic, and exceptional managerial skills have tremendously impacted the organization’s success. She spearheads the data and compliance department, ensuring the organization meets ethical and government regulations standards. She also leads the development and implementation of various programs that have benefited numerous communities in Chicago.

Nicole’s commitment to community outreach goes beyond her work at Urban Labs. She has volunteered with several local charities, which reflects her strong sense of civic responsibility. She brings significant strength to to the Urban Labs team and the community.

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