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Tatiana Cortes (she/they) is a civic and cultural organizer who values advancing racial equity and is committed to social work, art, and justice among LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities.

Tatiana has benefited from the support of social service systems and communities of care. They believe that when policies, systems, and behaviors are rooted in care for everyone, all of society will thrive. Tatiana loves Chicago and the long-standing tradition of striving to make the city more equitable for everybody.

Tatiana has a background in philanthropy, community organizing, public policy, and nonprofits. These diverse experiences have equipped them to think on their feet when analyzing situations, reimagining solutions, and changing course to create and sustain relationships, gather and share essential resources, and establish community-informed and driven priorities. 

As the child of two deaf parents and a sibling to a younger brother, Tatiana learned to listen before speaking, observe at the margins, and advocate for resources. From studying theology and sociology to pursuing a master’s in social work policy, Tatiana brings many experiences that trained them to seek and hold complexities.

As a practitioner, Tatiana is enthusiastic about planting and watering seeds for individual and communal growth. They believe our problems are all of ours, and we can have humanistic relationships, institutions, and the world.

Their leadership through BECOME has grown and fostered relationships with the community and cultivated collective healing towards transformation. 

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