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Xanat Sobrevilla (she/her), an accomplished activist, is a highly respected figure in the fight against deportation. As the leading force behind the Organized Communities Against Deportations (OCAD) campaign and coalition efforts, she works tirelessly to support anti-deportation campaigns and ensures that OCAD plays a significant role in the Erase the Gang Database Coalition.

Xanat’s advocacy efforts have extended to pushing back against government surveillance tactics that unfairly target immigrants for deportation. Her work is grounded in a dedication to the cause of collective liberation and her commitment to the fight for social justice.

Before her current role with OCAD, Xanat was actively engaged with the Immigrant Youth Justice League. There she honed her passion for advocating on behalf of immigrant communities. Her extensive experience and fierce determination make her a leading voice in the fight for immigrant rights.

Xanat’s tireless efforts toward the cause of social justice have helped create positive change and improve the lives of countless individuals.

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